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Export Contact Profile information.

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Function Description

This function allows you to dynamically extract your contact information

  • Specific groups, or selected ranges, or "everything", etc, can be extracted
  • Specific, or all, or combinations of fields can be extracted
  • into a comma or tab delimited CSV file or
  • into DOT delimited text files

  • For example you can extract a spreadsheet containing First Name, Last name, Home Phone and Cell Phone number of people from your "Friends From Work" group you previously created set up through the "Maintaining My Lists" Function.

    Files can the be downloaded directly from your browser and saved on your computer for use as appropriate

    For more details on features this website has to offer, please click on the links shown in the left hand side of this page. Even if you do not have access to this website yet, you will be able to see the HELP screen for many of the functions this website provides.

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